About Sonic Clinical Trials


Sonic Clinical Trials (SCT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian-owned Sonic Healthcare, one of the world's largest specialist medical diagnostics companies, employing more than 33,000 people in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland and the USA.

SCT provides a dedicated, superior central laboratory service, exclusively in support of Phase I-IV clinical trials, safety testing and patient monitoring services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Research organisations in the Asia Pacific region. Sonic's sister clinical trial laboratory, TDL Trials based in London, provides extended services and capabilities throughout the United Kingdom and continental Europe. Together, we aim to meet every client's unique requirements, by offering flexible service options, high-quality results through technical excellence and local project management, whilst ensuring all regulatory requirements are met.

In addition to the depth of experience of the Australian central laboratory team, Sonic Clinical Trials can directly access the vast infrastructure and resources of Sonic Healthcare's extended group of diagnostic practices, to provide an even broader range of services and medical expertise.  

The group's management team has a unique depth of central laboratory experience, providing direct flow-on benefits to its clients.


What's New?

Sonic Clinical Trials is a registered Research Service Provider (RSP) with AusIndustry which allows us to work with and assist our international clients register for the Australian R&D Tax Incentive Scheme. Eligible companies may claim an R&D tax offset (up to 45%) for eligible expenditure on registered R&D activities.

Working with Sonic Clinical Trials as a registered RSP helps companies, particularly small to mid-size companies gain access to expert R&D resources in particular fields. Any questions on how we could assist in an upcoming study in Australia, please contact us.


Biomarker testing

Wide range of biomarker testing* now available in the SCT laboratory including:

 • Apolipoprotein E • Alpha 2 macroglobulin•Complement factor D • Complement factor Bb • Alternate Complement pathway (AP-Wieslab) • CK18 M30•CXCL-8/IL-8•CXCL-9/MIG•CXCL-10/IP-10• Glucagon • Glucagon like peptide-1(Total/Total)• Hyaluronic Acid• HER2 ECD• IFN beta• IFN gamma• IL-1β• IL-6• IL-12p70• IL-18• Inhibin B • Osteopontin•  Proinsulin • Pancreatic polypeptide PPP • Pancreatic peptide PYY • Sonic Hedgehog Ligand •Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha•Transforming Growth Factor 1-Beta • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor VEGF •Chitinase 3-like1(YKL-40)

• Urine NGAL • Urine Cystatin C • Urine TIM-1/KIM-1 • Urinary GSTpi •  alphaGST

 Please contact us for any special biomarker needs.